The path toward a healthy smile is exciting, but it comes with a learning curve. As you get used to orthodontic treatment, you need to make a few adjustments. You might be sore the first few days from your new appliances, but the discomfort usually subsides within a week.

Care & Maintenance

There will also be a difference in brushing and maintenance and you’ll have to be more conscious of the foods you eat so your treatment goes smoothly. It’s also a normal feeling for your teeth to feel slightly loosened during this process. That just means they are doing that they are supposed to. Overall, it’s crucial to take care of all of your orthodontic appliances to keep your treatment time to a minimum.

Caring for Braces

There are many steps in caring for your braces. A successful orthodontic treatment and a healthy smile are the results of a team effort by you and Dr. Hann, and as the patient, it’s crucial to do your part.

Emergency Care

Orthodontic emergencies are listed in order from least severe to most severe. Only the most severe emergencies require attention from Dr. Hann, but for major orthodontic emergencies don’t be afraid to call.