Your Teen Will Love Brentwood Invisalign®

At Hann Orthodontics, we want all our teen patients to look forward to a healthier, straighter smile with excitement and not dread the orthodontic treatment. 

About Invisalign for Teens

Our Brentwood teen patients especially sometimes worry about the appearance of braces, and the impact this type of treatment can have on their lifestyle.

Invisalign is an excellent option for anybody looking for a less obvious treatment method, but did you know they also have an aligner system designed just for teens?


What Is Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign for Teens provides Dr. Frank Hann and Dr. Kristen Hann with a nearly invisible way to straighten teeth without the brackets and wires of traditional metal braces.

Using a series of custom-made clear aligners, the system gently moves teeth into new, more desirable positions over time.

Although the benefits and underlying technology are the same as Invisalign, Invisalign for Teens was developed specifically with teenagers' unique needs in mind.

There are features found only on the teen product, including:

  • Blue compliance indicators that are designed to gradually fade as each aligner is worn
  • Eruption tabs that accommodate the growth of the second molars in young adults
  • Up to six replacement aligners provided at no extra cost


Smiling hann orthodontics patient

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign for Teens?

Comfort & Convenience

Invisalign aligners are made of smooth plastic and are custom-made to fit each patient’s smile by Dr. Frank Hann and Dr. Kristen Hann for the ultimate in comfortable orthodontic treatment.

There are no parts that can come loose and irritate the mouth, as there are with traditional braces. This also means patients are far less likely to need any emergency appointments for broken brackets or wires.

Because aligners are received in advance, each checkup will typically be a little shorter, with less chair time and fewer appointments overall since no adjustments need to happen.

On average, Invisalign for Teens patients are seen by Dr. Frank Hann or Dr. Kristen Hann about once every eight weeks or so for anywhere from 9 to 15 months.



Removable aligners are a big bonus for teens. Because the aligners are meant to be removed at mealtimes, there are none of the food restrictions that come with traditional braces, so patients can still eat all their favorite foods.

Sticking to a good oral hygiene routine can be tricky with the brackets and wires of braces, but brushing and flossing is a cinch with an aligner that comes out and cleans easily.

Invisalign for Teens is also an ideal choice for teens who are active in sports or play a musical instrument. For athletically inclined patients, aligners can be removed and replaced with a regular mouthguard before working out, practicing, or playing a game.

Musicians can remove their aligners before band practice or a concert for uninterrupted music-making.


Similar Costs for the Same Great Results

When looking into alternative orthodontic treatments, many parents worry about an increase in fees, but the Invisalign Teen system costs just about the same as traditional braces.

Hann Orthodontics is happy to offer our patients financing through Chase Health Advance Financing Options, as well as a variety of flexible payment plans with low monthly payments. We also offer no money down payment plans.


When Is My Child Old Enough for Invisalign Teens?

Invisalign for Teens is designed for patients who have lost all of their primary teeth and second molars at least partially erupted.

Most teens will fit this bill, but we recommend parents first schedule a free consultation with Dr. Frank Hann and Dr. Kristen Hann to determine if their child is a good fit for the Invisalign for Teens system.