Dr. Frank Hann

Frank Hann, DDS

Your Expert Brentwood Orthodontist

Dr. Frank thought he would grow up to be a pediatrician before realizing how much he loved working with orthodontic patients of all ages.

He’s since created thousands of healthy, functional and beautiful smiles that last a lifetime.

After majoring in biology and enjoying his time as a member of the Chi Phi fraternity, he went on to dental school and a residency in orthodontics before founding Hann Orthodontics.

Dr. Frank loves serving the Brentwood community. He particularly enjoys working with young people and encouraging them to participate in their own treatment plans to get the best results.

He believes in always doing his very best work and treats you like a family member from the moment you walk through our office door.

Next to his wonderful family, he’s most proud of his orthodontic career and the thousands of smiles he’s improved over the last 30 years.

Outside of the Office

Inside and outside the office, Dr. Frank keeps himself busy—he plays tennis, is a regular churchgoer, and loves to watch sports and movies.

He treasures the time he’s able to spend with his family and friends, and Dr. Frank raced sports cars for more than 20 years.

When you come to Hann Orthodontics, you not only get the best in orthodontic care, you get the coolest orthodontists.