“I really enjoy the staff courteous and friendly manner. I am very pleased with the service provided, and Dr. Hann is the best.
Thank you for making this transition to braces so easy and being patient with my son.”
- Candace
“My favorite thing about the staff and Dr. Hann they are always happy to see you and how they have a smile on their face all the time.
Also I like how all the uniforms match each other to me this is the best orthodontist you could go to. They show tenderness, love, and care.”
- T. V.
“The whole staff and Dr. Hann have been professional, caring and enthusiastic about everything they do.
We look forward to our appointments!!”
- D. V.
“Hann Orthodontics is a wonderful practice. Many of our family members receive treatment here, and we have been very impressed with their service, and their kindness and willingness to work with us.”
- Nick
“They are all really nice and they care about their patients. Hann Orthodontics is a great office with a great staff.”
- Y. K.
“I love my new smile!!!! I love Hann Orthodontics!!”
- S. B.
“Not only can my kids get excellent orthodontic care, but I can get great company while I wait I have spent 5 years so far getting to know the staff and they have always been very sweet and helpful. I never mind bringing the kids in!!”
- K. I.
"I know Dr. Hann's office is the best! It is the best because Dr. Hann and his staff are so nice! They encourage us and do all they can to make our smiles beautiful!!!!
All you have to do is your part since they definitely do theirs!!"
- E. H.
“Dr. Hann is the best orthodontist both my girls have been to. The staff is so friendly and caring. I recommend Dr. Hann to everyone I know. We've been patients since before 2004—my first daughter who's 18 years old and now my youngest who's 13 years old.”
- R. N.
“Dr. Hann and his staff are absolutely the BEST. His expertise and his kind gentle care produce beautiful smiles every time.
There is nothing more eye-catching than when you see someone with a gorgeous smile. We have been blessed to have received our family's orthodontic care with Dr. Hann.”
- S.V.
“Dr. Hann and the staff make a good team together they are loving and caring and don't want to hurt anyone. They are fabulous friends!!!! They make my day happy!
- E. V. (8YR.)
“The staff and the orthodontist were so friendly. They took their time to explain everything clearly, and they answered all my questions with no rush. I would definitely recommend them.“
- Faby
“The staff at Hann Orthodontics has been a pleasure to work with during my daughter's treatment. I appreciated their flexibility in payments and also working with me to use my flexible spending account. Thank you all very much.”
- Christine